Trekking in Provence
 (also known as Provence Walk) offers walking in the spectacularly wild and unspoiled Northern Provence, notably in the Drôme Baronnies, one of the most sparsely populated regions of France...

Come and see Provence as you’ve never seen it——on foot, in the countryside,unhurried and relaxing, or sporty and challenging, with new experiences around every corner. 

Trips for travellers not tourists!

Fantastic scenery, verdant hillsides, rocky gorges, rugged summits, trails bordered by abundant aromatic flora,  vultures soaring overhead; charming villages, superb gourmet regional food and wines….this is authentic rural France, far from the souless crowded tourist centres. 


The latest Classic Provence week was a great success. Take a look at some photos here
Check out my latest blog post here
Meanwhile, if you are able to come to Provence and would like private guiding I am available...just send me an email. 

Le dernier séjour en Provence s'est très bien passée. Voici quelques photos pour ceux qui s'intéresse. 
Si vous aimeriez découvrir ma belle région de Provence avec moi n'hésitez pas à me faire appel pour les balades accompagnés. 

Alors bien que mon site est en anglais, je parles français et ça fait 31 ans que je vis en France. J'adore accompagner les francophones, soit en groupe français soit en groupe bilangue.


Si ça vous dit de venir avec moi n'hésitez pas, je serai ravie de vous faire découvrir ma belle région adoptée. Et si vous aimeriez apprendre l'anglais, allez voir la page 
Walk and Talk: English in the mountains
Pour tous ceux qui voudraient apprendre l'anglais dans un milieu décontracté et sympa je vous propose des balades and randos à la demi-journée et journée, et on parlera l'anglais à votre niveau. 

Provence Trips:

Classic Provence was the original trip and remains the quintessential introduction to ProvenceOur last group (May 2022) enjoyed perfect weather and some really good hikes. Some folks were back for the second time so we went to some new places as well as the real classics. This time we had 5 nights in my village of Buis les baronnies, then 2 nights at a very luxurious domaine where we did a fabulous wine tasting. Click this link to see shots from the latest trip 

Gorgeous Provence was very successful in its first year. This trip meets near Nice on the Côte d'Azur and for the first few days we explore the wonderful rolling hills just inland, before heading into the rugged wilds further north, culminating in the classic must-do hike through the grandiose Verdon Gorge. Take a look at some shots here

Hidden Provence. This truly spectacular trip is based in the area that bridges the gap between the foothills of the high Alps and the more central region of Provence where my classic trips take place. We were hiking through lavender fields, and beautiful beech woods. The scenery is wild, and our trails took us to high plateaux formed by steep cliffs and deep gorges. This trip is the perfect option for those looking for an authentic hiking experience in a most beautiful and little known rural region of France.Take a look at some shots here  

Here's what people have said about my trips:

"Thanks Hilary for being the best guide that anyone could wish for. You have shown us the most fabulous walks through gorgeous heritage villages, summits and hills, routes we could only ever have dreamed about on our own. Then throw in the plant life explanations and getting sight of nine vultures just added to the whole experience. Thank you!!

"Hidden Provence" introduced us to an area of France we never knew existed. The two areas we hiked in gave a variety of trails but both were stunning with amazing views, The week was broken up with a day of bike riding (electric) in the outskirts of Nyons - a great change of pace not to be missed. The  accommodations  were very comfortable with lots of local fresh food and wine.
Another wonderful trip." 

"Once again many thanks for such a fascinating week.  Both of us so much enjoyed the variety of walks, not to mention our delightful 'day-off' on electric bikes through the vinyards around Nyons.
Special memories of a memorable holiday, not least of our fellow walkers. We got on so well together, which as always enhanced the holiday immensely.
Can't wait for the next time!"

"Just brilliant, Hilary. Loved every minute! "

"We would rate this as one of our all-time favorite hiking spots.  The weather was perfect, the landscape and colors were amazing and Hilary provided a different hiking experience every day. Did I mention the food and wine? We will definitely go back!"

"I wasn’t prepared for the stunning scenery -  jaw-dropping limestone crags circled by olives and vines. And vultures! Wonderful hikes, company, food and wine – all I’ve come to expect from Hilary

Take a look at this great short video clip produced by the region of La Drôme Provençale which sums exactly what this part of Provence is all about.

Here's an article I wrote about Provence hiking for the Cicerone Press online magazine