Northern Provence consists of 2 main regions, the Drôme and the Vaucluse. Our walks will take us to both. Provence is known for its wonderful light, which illuminates the orchards, olive  groves, cliffs and warm hued rooftops. Painters, poets, artists of all kind have  been attracted for centuries to this unique lumination. Hiking through the
warm sunny hills and valleys is the perfect way to experience  Provençal charm and laid back lifestyle, under deep plus skies surrounded  by the typial Provenbce hues of green hills, rich purple lavender frields and  russet rooftops. 

This northern area of Provence takes  you into the heart of the famous Côte de Rhone vineyards. As well  as exploring the huge possibilities for walks, ranging from easy
valley strolls  taking in the villages and wine domains, to hill climbs and  gorge walks, these weeks go far beyond a mere walking trip  as we will discover the culinary delights of Provence. From the
aromatic olives and oil, to the delicious lavender honey, and local dishes,  Provence will certainly awaken your tastebuds. These holidays are based at  small traditional hotels in ancient medieval villages, where you’ll enjoy
comfortable  accommodation and the meals will all be based on regional  cuisine, accompanied by superb local wines.

The main towns in our walking region are Vaison la Romaine and Nyons. All the towns here are market towns and each day of the week sees a traditional provençal market somewhere or other.

Vaison is famous for its Roman ruins which are definitely worth a visit, including a recently restored Roman theatre, used for concerts in the summer. This is the largest archaeological site in France and it's easy to spend at least half a day there strolling around the very accessible old Roman streets and remains of houses and shops.

Nyons is famous for its olives, which are the hardy black Tanche variety. These are to be found on almost every restaurant table, either marinated in aromatic herbs or served on toast as a delicious paste known as tapenade.
Olive oil mills and lavender distilleries abound throughout the region and visits can be arranged to see these and to buy associated products. Other local specialties include honey, cherries, apricots, nougat from Montellimar….and eclipsing everything else, wine.

The Peaks and Passes trip also visits the Foret de Saou, which is a very beautiful region on the edge of the Vercors. It features a fabulous forested area surrounded by a horseshoe of limestone cliffs which creates a unique biodiversity.

The walks take us to splendid craggy hillsides, with wide ranging views, almost always in sight of the iconic Mont Ventoux. Sometimes in forest other times out in the open, the scenery is constantly changing, as is the light.
It's this light that has attracted artists from all over the world to visit Provence, and often they an't bear to leave, instead settling on one of the many charming and ancient villages perched on the hillsides. The attraction of azure skies and deep hued valleys is too difficult to resist!

This is Cotes du Rhone land and famous wine villages such as Gigondas, Rasteau, Sablet, Seguret, Vinsobres and Chateauneuf du Pape are all nearby. Wine tasting can be arranged after a walk, during a holiday or indeed during a walk if so desired.

Many of our walks will take place in the Baronnies region, which is about to become a protected natural reserve. The Baronnies is defined by it's wild and rolling hills, quiet mountain roads, perched medieval villages and jade-blue fast flowing rivers. It is a relatively undiscovered part of Provence, the one beloved of walkers and all those who are searching for tranquilty in this fabulously beautiful region of France.

Apart from walking, there are lots of other things to do here. The most obvious is cycling, both on and off road. This region frequently hosts at least one étape for the Tour du France, and Mont Ventoux is an iconic cycling peak.

For those who want to discover the best of cycling in Provence I work in conjunction with Craig Entwistle at

Other activities include:
Rock climbing – some of the best cliffs in France are on our doorstep
Horse riding – there are lots of equestrian centres offering riding at all levels